We prototype solutions that scale

314 Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose main goal is to prototype effective and scalable solutions of important social problems. We focus on research and development of technological tools which aim to optimize the way people work, communicate and cooperate.

We are deeply convinced that most seemingly hopeless problems people face can be tracked down to some structural inefficiency on a certain level of organization. We aim to solve those problems by providing correct solutions in the right places.


At the moment, we’re developing Amelia – a free mobile application that helps people help each other selflessly. The application aims to stimulate people-to-people contacts and help people fulfill their basic social needs, such as the need to help others and feel important. Visit Amelia’s website here!

Why 314 ?

Maciej, Co-founder:

The name of the foundation refers to the mathematical constant Pi defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Thus we want to emphasize our inclination towards efficient, mathematically verified solutions. Cirlce – the perfect shape – is a great metaphor for optimal solution.

However, apart from many cultural references, the sequence 314┬áhas very important symbolic meaning for me, personally. It would appear – as if by accident – in the significant moments of my life, always in a peculiarly meaningfull way. On the one hand, it reminds me of the need for the cognitive humility, and on the other it is a mild suggestion that, perhaps, there is something more to this world – some providential, guiding aspect. It’s a symbol of the faith in a good, optimizing force in the world.

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